The Writing on the Wall – Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs

Reserve your stay at Silver View RV Resort to see the writing on the wall at Grapevine Canyon, located on Spirit Mountain in neighboring Laughlin, Nevada. It is the famed site of more than 700 petroglyphs and many ancient rock shelters.

Who were the people who created these enduring and mysterious images? Although the actual origins of the rock etchings may never be known, the carvings are generally attributed to the Mojave people for whom the surrounding desert is named.

The rock art pictures were created between 1200-1800 AD and depict sheep, human figures, hunting equipment, spirals, zigzags, and other geometric designs.

Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs


Take Your Camera to Grapevine Canyon to Preserve a Glimpse of History

Autumn weather makes it a great time to visit Grapevine Canyon. The canyon is accessible from Nevada State Route 163 and offers an easy walk from the parking area to the main group of rock carvings. The trail becomes ever-so-slightly more difficult past the petroglyphs as it leads the visitor through vegetation, including wild grape vines, and seasonal stream beds. You may encounter small pools or cascades.

Read the Writing on the Wall – Your New Life Begins at Silver View

The Mojave people believed that all life began on Spirit Mountain, which is clearly visible from Bullhead City and Laughlin, Nevada. When you reserve your stay at Silver View RV Resort, you will see why they thought so. Your beautiful new home is the perfect place to vacation, work, or stay forever…

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Experience breathtaking scenery, petroglyphs at Grapevine Canyon, incredible entertainment, and affordable luxury living in Bullhead City. See everything Silver View RV Resort has to offer.

Your New Life Begins at Silver View!

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